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The mission of the Cornerstone Project is to bring together a collaborative group of leaders, to raise their awareness of our Lodge enhancement programs and support them to improve their Lodges. The Leader’s Circle is built by Leaders finding and recommending like minded Brothers and all becoming fluent in the programs so as to promote and support Lodges to implement them.

The goal is to bring together a jurisdiction-wide collaborative group of leaders to raise awareness of our many Lodge improvement programs and how they are interconnected.

The Project

Every lodge that wants to improve faces tough challenges. Where do we find the time? What should we do first? What’s the best way to make improvements?

The book, The One Minute Manager, revolutionized business because it summarized the best management systems into simple checklists organized by areas of focus.

The Cornerstone Project has done the same thing with the best lodge improvement systems and created one page pocket guides that fit into your suit pocket. At a glance, lodge leaders can see a entire program, check off what’s been done and see what comes next.

Pocket Guides

These guides help lodges improve internal operations and increase the enjoyment every brother gets from attending lodge. Lodges can also improve new member attraction with the Community Visibility program which includes online resources, graphics, printed materials and how to guides.

  • Six Steps to Initiation
  • New Member Pathway
  • Lodge Officers’ Guide (a guide for each office)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Education
  • LEAP
  • Community Visibility

Leaders’ Circle

The Cornerstone Project also fosters the development of future Masonic Leaders through the Leaders’ Circle. Any Mason showing leadership potential and dedication can be nominated by his lodge or district to join the circle of leaders. The Circle mentors and develops new members, and assists lodges in developing improvement projects through presentations, workshops and discussions.
If you or someone you know, wishes to join the Circle then contact the Cornerstone Team using the button below. They will help guide you through the process of becoming a member of the Leaders’ Circle.

The Cornerstone Project Team

  • Chairman: RWB Kenneth Christofferson
  • Education: RW Bro. Daniel Zyrmiak
  • Marketing: Bro. Bro Bill Bishop
  • Northern: RW Bro. Colin Graham
  • Southern Interior: RW Bro. Doug Thibault
  • Island: W Bro. Terry van Seter